Vintage floral dress

It was windy. My hair is a mess. I’m sorry. 

Before I get into the outfit – I wanted to address my new banner! I’m really excited about it. As I’m getting more into blogging and maybe monetizing in the future, I just thought it was time to make something a little more my personality instead of plain script. I used a photo of some trees I took this fall and I just love how it turned out. I also changed the width of things around so my photos are bigger! That’s something that has been bothering me for a while. My pictures just weren’t the size I was looking for. So, I changed. 

Okay, onto the outfit…

Vintage dresses are something I have a love/hate relationship with. I love seeing them on other people, I love perusing the thrift stores for them but when I actually go to try them on? No, thanks. They never seem to fit me right. Either too long, too frumpy, or just awkward – I can never seem to find a good vintage dress for my size or price range. And I know, I could get things taken in but that can be expensive. I would love to shop in true vintage shops but most of them are too expensive for my current budget so I have to stick to finding them at thrift stores, which can be interesting. But it sure doesn’t stop me from trying to find the perfect vintage pieces. And don’t get me wrong – I’ve found some great ones. They are just far and few between. 

I found this dress at Savers for way too much money but I just couldn’t let it go (okay, it was like 12$). It fits like a glove and I love that it has sleeves. I’m always looking for a good dress with a collar and sleeves. I also have a really hard time finding vintage dresses that fit me length-wise so I was beyond thrilled to find this one. I’ve been struggling on how to wear it this winter but I really like it paired with black. 

Dress: Vintage
Cardigan: Old Navy (thrifted)
tights: Urban Outfitters
shoes: Target (old)

Let me know what you think in the comments! Do you have any really great vintage pieces? What do you think on my new banner and width of the page now?



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