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Tips for Selling Your Clothes Online

So, I’ve been selling clothes online for a while and I thought it was about time I share my secrets and tips to selling your clothes online.

I started selling clothes while I was job hunting because I needed some kind of income/something to do in my free time. I started by selling my own clothes I didn’t wear anymore but then I realized I could use my thrifting talents and resell clothes I thrifted. I could potentially do a whole post on flipping thrifted clothes if that is something you guys would be interested in!

1. Photos are EVERYTHING!

If you have blurry, poorly lit, or just overall not great quality photos – your items won’t sell. People want to really be able to see the item before they hit that ‘buy now’ button. For my photos, I got something to hook on the door and hang my clothes from there. I like to use a plain white door that gets direct sunlight. If you don’t have that though, I’d try just a blank space that you can get the most natural lighting possible. You might have to move some things around but you can always take photos in bulk! I normally just take my photos on my iphone and it works just as well as using my DSLR for this kind of photos. 

2. Try selling on various platforms. 

I first started selling clothes on Vinted and I’ve the most luck there. But there are tons of different apps/websites you can try and sell on. I like Poshmark for higher end items. I know a lot of bloggers/youtubers use depop but I’ve never had much luck from there. I’ve never had much luck on Ebay but some people are great with it. 

3. Follow People

 I’ve found it’s really important to follow other people because it’s likely they’ll follow you. It’s not like blogging where that isn’t really a great approach… when selling clothes you want as many people to see your closet as possible. Following people is a great way to do so. 

4. Post on the forums (On Vinted)

On vinted, specifically, there are forums and there is a really great section called “ISO” or in search of. It’s where people post specific items they are looking for. I like to post on them with photos of my items. It can be kind of time consuming but it can be worth it.  

5. Make your description as thorough as possible.

I always inspect my items very thoroughly before I list them to see if anything is wrong that I need to put on the description. If I do notice some damage of significant wear on my item I tend to price them very low. People might still buy them even if it has a small hole or some piling. 

6. Be nice! 

This is one of the most important tips! If you’re nice, people will write you good reviews, which in turn gives you a better reputation as a seller. Plus the buyer might come back to your closet and buy more later on!

7. Have a measuring tape handy

Buying clothes secondhand online can be tricky because you can’t just return it if it doesn’t fit. That’s why you’ll need a measuring tape handy. I’ve had countless people ask me for measurements. It’s really easy to find charts on how to measure a piece of clothing. 

8. Negotiate prices 

Sometimes I’ll set my prices a little high just so there is some wiggle room when it comes to the price. If someone offers you a really low price, don’t forget you can negotiate with a price somewhere in the middle. 

9. Give discounts on bundles 

This is something recent I’ve discovered, but especially on Vinted, I like to give pretty substantial discounts on bundles (someone buying more than one item). It gives people more of an incentive to buy because you’re getting a really big discount plus it helps you get rid of a lot of items faster!

Did this post help? Would you be interested in seeing a post about finding clothes from the thrift store to resell? 

Let me know!

Also if you want to check out my vinted closet it is: here





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