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The Black Jumpsuit

I’ve been looking for a jumpsuit for a while. I’d love a denim pair but I was also looking for a black pair. I was endlessly sifting through the black pants at goodwill this weekend when I came across them. At the goodwill near me they organize items by color – not size, which drives me crazy. So, I was endlessly going through the black pants when I felt this thick material. I’d always wondered where the overalls and jumpsuits were hiding in thrift stores and turns out they were just in the pants section all along! I tend to avoid the pants section if they aren’t arranged by size because I can find it too cumbersome to bother with. 

This particular pair is more a trouser style, which I really enjoy. They are a little bit baggy on the legs but I turn the legs up enough so with a good pair of boots they don’t drag on the ground. I didn’t take any photos of the back because the straps are a little big but I’m planning on altering those soon. They fit well enough so I can still wear them comfortably, I’d just like the straps a little tighter. 

This is a shorter post for today as I’ve started a new job and am getting used to things like scheduling, etc etc. 

As always – let me know what you think in the comments below!





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