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The Camel Coat

Coat: Primark (check in store if you’re in Europe!)

Shirt: Target

Skirt: Express (thrifted) 

Shoes: Payless (old)

This is the only piece of clothing I bought for myself in Europe. This is also one of those rare moments on my blog where I’m talking about an item you can still buy in store and I didn’t find it in a thrift store! Oops. I partially bought it because it was cold in Lyon, France but also because it was on sale for 16 euros (almost 17 US dollars) in Primark! Primark (or Penny’s in Ireland) was definitely a favorite store of mine when I lived in Ireland. It has everything. No, it’s not the best quality but I am extremely pleased with this coat purchase.

I’ve never been attracted to faux fur until this season. Well, I guess I never thought I could pull it off. It always seems one of those fabrics you can’t really pull off ‘in the real world.’Either way, it’s probably the influx of bloggers wearing faux fur vest (gilets??) this season and the fact that I was really cold that attracted me to this coat. The faux fur can come off, which is nice if it’s not too cold. But I found the fur lining to be a really nice touch in the French Alps as my neck didn’t get cold even if I wasn’t wearing a scarf. And it looks super chic. What more could you ask for in a coat?  

For the rest of my outfit I keep it minimal of a black shirt and black skirt just to keep the focus on the coat. Nothing too exciting. But I will say since I’ve been back from traveling I’ve definitely been leaning towards more monochromatic and all black outfits. 

Thanks for reading and as always let me know what you think in the comments! 





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