Adventures in Tarragona, Spain

Ironically, one of my favorite places on my Europe adventure was not somewhere we were planning on going at all. We had been in Pamplona, Spain for a weekend visiting some of Shane’s friends. We took a train back on Sunday afternoon to Barcelona. We spent a few hours in Barcelona exploring the city and around 10 we decided to go back to the suburb where we were staying with a friend. To get to the suburb you have to take a different train than the regular Barcelona metro. We knew the end destination of which train to take so we went to a platform assuming it was the right one. 

40 minutes later and not recognizing any stops, we began to panic a little. Thankfully, Shane knows Spain and asked a woman if the train we were on went to the destination we needed. It didn’t. There are two trains that went to the same ending point but one goes through the city and one on the coast. You guessed it – we were on the coast. 

The very kind woman suggested we get off at the ending point and hopefully there would be train back to Barcelona. It was Sunday and it was late. There wasn’t a train back. We tried to use Wifi to call our friend – nothing. Thankfully, the woman we met on the train – hesitantly at first – let us stay with her. 

Upon researching where we ended up, we realized we were ten minutes by train from a beach town covered in Roman Ruins!

The next morning we hopped on a train and went to Tarragona, Spain. In the middle of December, Tarragona was deserted but I really enjoyed it that way. It’s a beach town scattered with Roman Ruins throughout the center. Because no one else was out and about Shane and I roamed the city freely, walked on the beach, and had one of the best days I had the entire trip. 

But I think that’s one thing I love about travel. You never know what’s going to happen and the unexpected often turns into the best stories. So, if you’re heading on a trip in the near future – do some exploring. Get out of the city. Go to a nearby town and wander.

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