Lazy Days Outfit

If I were a ski bum, this is totally what I would wear.

I’ve actually never been skiing. I was supposed to go once when I was visiting some friends in Vermont a few years ago but on the mountain it was around -14F the day we were supposed to! We bailed needless to say. I actually don’t think I’d be very good at downhill skiing. I love spending time in nature but extreme sports aren’t exactly the best for someone who can’t see very well. I’ve been mountain biking and it was pretty much my worst nightmare. But I do think I’d enjoy nordic skiing a lot. It seems a lot more my pace. 

This outfit is my go-to for the weekend (or you know, any day when you’re FUNemployed….). Big sweater, leggings, turtleneck – yes, please! As I’m sure you can guess – I am pretty in love with turtlenecks now. Once you get used to something around your neck all the time, they can be pretty darn comfortable! I’m on the hunt for the perfect black one now. I originally bought these leggings when I ran cross country but I’ve ended up wearing them with normal outfits as they have a somewhat leather look to them. These are actually the children’s version but they do make adult sizes. I just picked up the smaller ones so I didn’t have to get them hemmed. 

Sweater: Kohls (Old)
Turtleneck: Thrifted similar
Leggings: Reebok
Shoes: Target (Old)

Have you ever been Skiing?
Let me know what you think in the comments down below!



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