Style Inspiration: Twin Peaks (television)

I’ve been thinking about doing some style inspiration posts for a while. I figured I’d start with one of my favorite television shows – Twin Peaks. 

Twin Peaks is a cult television show from the 90s by David Lynch. It’s definitely one of the creepiest shows I’ve ever seen but also one of my favorites. It’s about an FBI agent who travels to the small town of Twin Peaks, Washington to solve a murder of a teenage girl but it turns into so much more. The plot line is always surprising but another reason I kept watching was the characters. They are unique, dynamic, and fascinating.  I definitely wouldn’t recommend watching this show alone at night though. It’s pretty terrifying.

Anyways – the inspiration! 

The female characters have such unique senses of style but it’s all still so 90s. Think lots and lots of plaid, high necklines, and longer skirts. It’s a bit of what is coming back into style now but with more retro elements to it – like the wide brimmed, structured hat Laura is wearing above. I don’t think I’m inspired by one decade in particular but this style in the 90s is right up my alley! 

My very favorite character, the log lady, (pictured above) has such a crazy sense of style but I can’t help but love it. Plaid shirts, giant glasses, and chunky sweaters? I’m all about it. One thing I noticed about a lot of the female characters is that they all wear their button up shirts to the very top – something I also love incorporating. I also love the log lady’s pendant on her shirt. I’d love to find something like that!

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Have you seen twin peaks? Do you have a television show that inspires your style?
Let me know what you think in the comments below!




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