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Style Inspiration: First Aid Kit (music)

Today’s style inspiration comes from my favorite band: First Aid Kit! 

First Aid Kit are a Swedish folk duo who have sounds similar to that of Fleet Foxes or even The Tallest Man on Earth (another Swede). Their voices harmonize perfectly together and in my own bias opinion – they are some of the most talented performers I have ever had the chance to see live. Some of my favorite songs are Emmylou and Stay Gold.

Onto the inspiration! 

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Their style is very much 70s inspired (hello Stevie Nicks… my next style inspiration!). Lots and lots of denim, plaid, and flowy dresses. I’m also pretty partial to their large brimmed hats. Their style is very much on trend for the seasons now but I’ve noticed they’ve been rocking the 70s style for far longer than it was on trend!

I also love their style on their instagram but I can’t show it for copyright reasons. You can find it: here.

I hope you enjoyed today’s style inspiration! Have you ever listened to First Aid Kit?
Let me know what you think in the comments below!




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