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Pink Florals

I’m going to be honest – the writing aspect of this blog does not come easily to me. I can spend an afternoon photographing products and outfits to my hearts content but sitting down and writing the post? No, thanks. I don’t hate it – but it’s not something I feel I’m very good at. I actually write a lot of slam poetry so shorter bursts of words comes much easier for me than writing paragraphs. But that wouldn’t translate very well on a blog would it? I’m glad I started this blog because maybe I’ll feel more comfortable with my writing over time.

It was another dreary day in Atlanta so I decided to bring in some nice bright florals. I decided to wear this beautiful floral dress from Forever 21. I picked it up last fall and have worn it so many times since then. I decided to pair it with this speckled gray sweater from American Eagle. I love all the details in the sweater – from the speckles to the biker-like shoulders! It’s definitely one of the more unique sweaters I have and for some reason I forget to wear it. 

For shoes I went for my black and gold loafers I thrifted back in August. I also mentioned these in my October favorites: here. Not gonna lie – they are a little big for my feet but I just love them so much. I normally just wear a pair of thicker socks or tights with them and it’s okay. I also went for a pair of gray tights as I thought it went really nicely with the sweater. 

My necklace was actually a gift from my sister for my birthday back in August. I don’t know how I didn’t notice that it went so well with this dress! The colors are pretty much identical! She picked it up at a local artisan market in Durham, North Carolina. It’s handmade, which I love!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and please let me know what you think in the comments! If you have a blog – do you find taking photos or writing to be easier?



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