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Windowpane Printed Shirt

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with the Windowpane print that is so popular right now. I showcased a dress I picked up recently last week and now I’m back with an adorable shirt version! (I am obsessed OKAY?)

This shirt looks like it has a sweater over it but it doesn’t! It’s just a shirt. It’s the perfect combination between utterly comfortable and so cool looking. There isn’t any of the awkward bunching that comes with layering a button down a sweater, which I love about it. The look I want without any of the fuss? I love the print of it obviously but it’s also got an adorable collar and cute little cuffed-like details on the sleeves!

 I picked this up at a store I’ve never been to – Papaya. It’s pretty much your typical fast-fashion chain – loud music and too many crop tops. I’ve found that since I’m getting older I have a harder time finding items I like at stores like this one or Forever 21. I do still love H&M though! Going to a fast-fashion store like this is a little bit like thrift shopping to me. I have to find the gem in the entire store! When I found this shirt I knew I had to try it on.  It’s a pretty thin material but I think that is perfect for the changing seasons. 

I paired the top with my favorite pair of black pants at the moment. They were originally from Target but I thrifted them this summer. I was ecstatic to find them because they had zippers on the bottom and they fit me! For a short girl, this is quite the accomplishment. I also just wore my black booties. (I know, i know. I have other shoes – I SWEAR)

I wasn’t really doing too much when I took these shots (hellllllo, unemployment!) so I also decided to try out some red lipstick. I never really wear red lipstick but I thought it would just make this outfit have a little extra something! I wish I was more daring to wear lipstick outside my house but for now I’m just leaving it for blog posts, videos, and parties. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know what you think in the comments! 

What do you think of the windowpane print? Do you like my photos inside or should I just stick to outdoor shots? 





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