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Vintage Orange and Navy

I think Fall is finally here in the south and I am so excited. I forgot how great it feels to spend time outside and not melt! What a novel idea huh? While it wasn’t cold enough to wear tights I did decide it was time to break out a sweater or two and prepare for the colder months ahead. But I feel like this outfit is very appropriate for October – especially considering halloween is just around the corner!

I can’t decide if I pull off orange or not but I just love this sweater. It’s soft, comfortable, and has a high neckline! Even if I can’t pull of this sweater – I’m going to wear it all A/W long. Even though it is a very vibrant orange I still think it’s pretty acceptable for the fall season. And as I’m sure it’s no surprise – I picked up this sweater at a thrift store last spring. It’s a vintage brand so I was really surprised by how great of condition it was in.

I’ve also decided that I love orange and navy together – especially this navy polka-dot skirt! Again, I thrifted this polka dot skirt probably two years ago and I am so glad I picked it up. It didn’t have a tag so I just decided to try it on and thankfully it fit perfectly. As for my shoes – I wore my navy converse that I’ve had for probably eight years! So, they are exceptionally dingy but what can you do? I’ve taken these shoes all over the world (literally) so I’m surprised they’ve held up this long. 

I picked up my necklace at a store in Durham, North Carolina called the “Scrapyard Exchange.” It’s definitely not a thrift store – more of a junk shop but it’s got a nice vintage jewelry section. I picked up this silver necklace for only 4$! What a steal. If you’re ever in the Durham, NC area you should definitely check out the scrap exchange. I found some great vintage postcards as well that I plan to send out to some friends soon. But it’s definitely somewhere you have to dig – but if you’re a thrifter like me it will be right up your street!

As always – thanks so much for reading and please let me know what you think the comments below! I love hearing from you. 





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