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Statement Blazer, Velvet Dress

It’s really strange but I feel like my entire life did a 180 last week. I went from feeling so sad and overwhelmed (for 5+ months) to so excited about life. The past few months haven’t been easy for me so I’m really glad things seem to be turning around. So, in honor of feeling happy and looking forward – I wore a bolder outfit to celebrate. 

There are a few reasons why I’m so excited about life, which I’ll share with you all once I get the details planned out (it involves a good bit of travel & moving!). But also – the weather! I know I’ve been saying this a lot recently but I am truly so excited the weather is cooling down. I forgot how much I love wearing layers. And tights? Oh my god, I missed them. No need to shave my legs anymore, amiright? 

Anyways – enough rambling! the outfit! 

This blazer is probably the coolest item of clothing I have in my closet right now. Probably ever. No doubt about it. I found it at a Buffalo Exchange last year and got it for free because they took some of my old clothes. I don’t get to wear it too often but when I do – it’s a good day.

As for the rest of my outfit I decided to try wearing a velvet dress I thrifted (orignally Forever 21) just to add something else a little bit different to the look! I also wore some maroon tights from Forever 21 as well as my trusty black booties from Nordstrom. 

I also wore a nice berry lip since it matched so well with the jacket! This look is a bit daring for me so I’d probably wear it to a party where it might be a bit more acceptable. But I really love how the mixtures of the textures and colors worked. 

Please let me know what you think in the comments! 





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