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Pattern Mixing / Life Update

I suppose I should start with the life update because that’s why you’re all here, right? If only I could portray my sarcasm on the internet.

Anyways – I have some VERY exciting trips planned for the near future! When I was living in Arkansas I volunteered my seat on a flight home and I got over 1,000 dollars in delta dollars! (Seriously. Volunteer your seat if you ever have the chance!) I have to use this money within the year so I decided to go to Paris in December!! I’m going to Europe for three weeks with my dear friend, Shane, and I couldn’t be more excited. One of my very best friends is teaching ESL in France and I’ve been wanting to visit her ever since I graduated in May. 

The reason I decided to go in December? Another exciting tidbit of my life ladies and gentlemen – I’m moving back to Arkansas! My friend needed a roommate and I need a change of scenery. I know, it doesn’t sound like the most exciting place in the world but I grew to really love it and I still know many people still out there. 

Anyways – the outfit! I started off with this striped dress I got from Primark when I was studying abroad. For a 7$ dress – it sure has held up well. I try and stop myself from wearing everyday. It’s just so comfortable! I also wore a faux suede jacket I picked up from the Urban Outfitters sale rack a few years ago. I always seems to forget about this jacket but now it’s totally back in style! It’s got a really fuzzy inside so it’s super warm. 

My favorite part of my outfit is definitely my scarf though. Also an urban outfitters find – it’s a giant blue and red scarf with tassels! It’s got an abstract print on it, which I think works really well with the structured stripes on my dress. I also find pattern mixing to be a lot easier if one item is colorful and the other is monochrome. It makes everything a bit less overwhelming. 

As for my shoes I went for my black loafers I picked up from Payless for 7$! They are pretty plain but perfect for exploring! I guess I didn’t wear anything thrifted in this outfit! I didn’t even realize that. I think that’s the first time it has happened in a while. 

Enough rambling – I hope you enjoyed this post! What did you think of my pattern mixing? Do you have any exciting travel plans coming up? 

Let me know if the comments down below!




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