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Flared Jeans

I never in a million years thought I’d look good in flared jeans. Never. I remember wearing them when I was younger (middle school days~) but those were really the only option for jeans when I was that age. But the thought of getting a pair now? Definitely not. But I found these Madewell jeans at one of my favorite thrift stores last month NEW WITH TAGS and I had to try them on. 

I was skeptical of these jeans for many reasons. 1) they are flared. 2) They are a size 24, which I am no where near. But I decided to give them a chance because I knew flares were coming back and I wanted to see if I could rock them. I’d also heard great things about Madewell. And to my surprise (and joy) they fit perfectly! I did have to get them hemmed (a-hem 4’9″ over here) but I almost always have to get pants hemmed anyways. But now I love them. I actually find them to be really flattering for me despite my petite frame! Who knew? 

I’m not going to lie – I got a lot of the inspiration for this look from Anne Hathaway in The Intern. (If you haven’t seen it – you should. I loved everything but the ending!) You can see her look here and obviously she looks milllliooonnnssss of times cooler than me but that is besides the point. I loved her striped shirt and gold belt combo so I decided to try my own spin on the look. I also decided to add my favorite accessory – a vest! I picked up this vest last week from Charlotte Russe – a store I never shop in but decided to have a look. I was pleasantly surprised by how chic this vest looks for only 15$!

As no surprise – I added my black ankle boots to give me a little height and they look damn good with these jeans! 

As always – I’d love to hear what you think in the comments! Also I’d love to hear what you think of my new layout and banner!

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