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September Clinique Free Gift Review


I’m back today with a beauty related posts! I normally buy from the drugstore but today’s post is some high end products but it’s also how you can save money and get a ton of free items!

I recently headed to Bloomingdales to get some Clinique products I’ve run out of. I’m a steadfast fan of their mascara considering my sensitive eyes and it’s overall the best mascara I’ve tried. But I only ever buy new products from Clinique if they have a free gift with purchase going on, which they do at Bloomingdales! I normally never go to department stores but I have such sensitive eyes and I have to be so careful about what I put on them.

 You get a free gift of EIGHT products if you spend 32$ or more… which is sadly not that hard to do with clinique! But I’ve found when you also get a free gift it really evens out the cost! The gift always comes in an adorable make-up bag – this one a cute pink, orange, and white floral design. It also comes with a few skincare luxury samples as well as quite a few make up bits! 

I am a huge fan of Clinique’s skincare – I just can’t bring myself to buy it full size so getting these little samples are perfect! I’ve found they last quite a long time too! 

The first skincare product is the Clinique Take the Day off Make-up Remover (19). I actually haven’t tried this product before so I’m excited to see how it works! I’ve tried their cleansing milk to take off make-up so I’m eager to see how this compares. Hopefully it doesn’t burn my eyes! 

The next product is the Clinique Clarifying Lotion (23$), which is a toner. I’ve recently been really getting into skincare but I have found this kind to be a little harsh on my skin. It also has that very, very strong alcohol scent! 

I also got a deluxe sample of the moisture surge overnight mask (8$), which actually isn’t too expensive! I’ve been using this as my night moisturizer for the past week and have really enjoyed it! Because it is so thick you only need a very thin layer so I think this sample size will last a long time! It definitely leaves my skin incredibly moisturized in the morning. 


 As for make-up I got a few different products that I am so excited to try out! 

I got the high impact mascara (16$), which I LOVE so I’m very excited to have a back up. This mascara lasts all day, lengthens, and gives great volume. 

I also got a sample of the chubby stick whole lotta honey (16$). I’ve swatched this and it really doesn’t have much color, which I am perfectly okay with. It just gives your lips a nice sheen. I’m interested to see how this holds up.

I also got a mini eyeshadow palette and I think these colors will work WONDERFULLY for fall! I’m a big fan of clinique eyeshadows so I think these shades will be perfect to work into my fall make up routine. 

Last I got the quickliner in brown. I’ve never been one for pencil eyeliners but I actually really enjoy this one. It gives a very simple look and doesn’t smudge. It’s a little stiff to apply but I think that’s just something i’ll have to work with. I’ve been wanting to try a brown eyeliner so I’m really glad I got this. 

So I’d say if you need anything from Clinique in the next two weeks I’d go pick it up and get your free gift! I think it’s a pretty good deal for everything I got! This is definitely the best one I’ve gotten so far. 

Let me know what you think in the comments or if you’ve tried any of these products! 


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