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Hello! I’m back with yet another outfit post! 

I normally post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (and occasionally on Thursday’s if I have a video) but tomorrow is my 23rd birthday! Wooo! So I thought I’d post my outfit today. 

I’m thinking now that I’ve been really enjoying this I’m going to try and post two outfit posts a week (or something else fashion related) and one beauty post a week but we will see!

Onto my outfit…

I’ll definitely be the first admit it that I am not much of a crop top fan. I think other people can pull them off but not me! But I’ve been interested in trying them for a while now and I found this cute black one for only 1$ at the thrift store! I love thrifting because it allows me to try trends I don’t want to spend a ton of money on – like crop tops! They are half a shirt — why do I have to pay 20 dollars for one?? But what I really like about this top is the lace detail on the sleeves!

As you can see… my skirt is also the perfect twirling skirt! I got it from Urban Outfitters probably a year ago but you can find the same skirt here for a lot less than what I paid (thanks vinted). My shoes are just plain black flats from Target that I’ve had for ages but they fit me perfectly! 

 As for make-up I decided to try something a little different than what I normally go for – a pink lipstick! I own quite a few but I never seem to wear them and I’m not sure why. I always feel like people are staring at me when I wear lipstick (which I know in reality they are not) but I really liked how it looked the other day. But that is it for my simple outfit and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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